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Going Green with Darlington College

Darlington College improves carbon footprint, building systems and energy savings.

With over 450 staff members, 1,600 full time students and 3,500 part time students, Darlington College is a further education facility in Tees Valley. For two years in a row, the College placed number one in Tees Valley and sixth nationally for student achievement rates.


Upgrading building systems became inevitable when Darlington College’s energy vision aligned with local efforts to turn Tees Valley into a high-value, low-carbon economy.

Darlington College is undergoing major upgrades with all conventional boilers being replaced with high efficiency models and a combined heat and power generator that is expected to result in carbon savings of around 345 tonnes a year.

Solar panels on the Child Care Centre and Sports Hall roofs, replacement LED lights and a state-of-the-art building management system are also expected to save almost 2.5 million kWh of power per annum, which should create significant financial savings, that will free up funds for improving the student experience in other areas.

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