The Corporation Board is the college’s governing body. It comprises of 16 members drawn from a range of backgrounds and experience. The membership reflects the varied communities which the college serves.

The Board is responsible for the overall functioning of the college. In general terms, it is responsible for the quality of service that the college offers to students and the local community in Darlington, South West Durham and North Yorkshire, as well as the college’s financial health and strategic direction. These pages provide an open access point to the workings of the Board.

The Board is a large team with a broad blend of skills. The Corporation Board meets six times during the academic year to consider strategic developments, systematic monitoring of college and management performance and prescribed compliance reports.

The thrust of the Board’s work, governance, is outward-looking and primarily future orientated in forming strategies as well as providing accountability for past activities of the college.

Robust discussion is encouraged at meetings of the Board within the conventions of standing orders. The Board makes the best use of committees. Governors have resolved to develop a more visible presence within the college community and have developed link arrangements with key areas in college.

The Board members have a strong commitment to continuous improvement in their own practice and annually conduct a rigorous self-assessment.

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