Improving your Maths and English Skills

Having good maths and English skills will help you progress further with your studies, whether it is to get onto the next level at college or move onto higher education. It will also help you secure future employment and on a personal level it enables you to manage your money.

gcse student When applying for jobs many employers expect their future employees to have at least a grade C or above in both GCSE maths and English. In fact, by having these qualifications you are more likely to earn a higher salary in your chosen career.

Students who have yet to achieve a Grade 4/C in their GCSE English or maths, will be required to study either, or both as part of their study programme.

Our dedicated tutors work with all of our students to ensure they improve their level of maths or English.  You will be entered to re-sit your GCSE exam(s) the following June.