Bethany Eaglesham

Computing (Systems, Support and Networking) Level 3

bethany-eagleshamPrevious school
Egglescliffe School

What did you enjoy about your course?
I enjoyed my course as there was lots of hands-on practical work to do.

What attracted you to Darlington College?
I was attracted to study at Darlington College as I liked the fact that this course had such a practical, hands-on element to it. We were able to build networks and we were working hands-on with routers and switches. This made the course more enjoyable because we weren’t just sat reading about programming routers, we were actually able to program a router on a network.

What are your career aspirations?
My career aspiration is to become a Cyber Security Analyst.

What is the next step in your education?
I am progressing with my studies at Northumbria University to study Computer and Digital Forensics.

How has this course prepared you for the next step?
This course has taught me all about networking and the different areas of computing, as well as showing me how to correctly layout an assignment, including references and bibliographies.

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