Chris Brown – Level 3 Cambridge Technical Extended Diploma – Digital Technician

Name: Chris Brown

Grade: D*D*D

Previous School (education)? Bishop Barrington

What do you enjoy about your course?

The practical assignments and working with hardware.

What attracted you to Darlington College? The variety of units on the course

What are you career aspirations? To run my own PC repair business

What is the next step in your education or work? IT Technician apprenticeship

How will this course prepare you for your next step? By teaching me different aspects of working in IT.

What would be your advice to prospective new students?

Try not to get behind on assignment work, it’ll catch up with you at the end of the year.

Write a pen picture / profile of yourself?

I started college in 2017 with the goal of going to university when I finished. Throughout the course I realised that I much prefer the practical side of IT, and wanted to do something that would be more hands on, so I decided to try and get an apprenticeship. Other than college, I work part time in a pub, and listen to music. I would highly recommend Darlington college because of the massive amount of courses that are available.

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