Fabia Ahmed – Level 3 Extended Diploma in Applied Science

Name: Fabia Ahmed

Course: Level 3 Extended Diploma in Applied Science 2016 – 2018

Currently: Dental Nurse – BUPA

“I chose this because I always had a passion for dentistry and knew I had to do a science related subject. I also wanted to study science because I loved doing practical experiments during school. I wanted to expand my knowledge on physics and biology and knew this subject would help me in the future to progress onto employment or further studies. 

The college helped me find work experience in a dental practice where I observed and shadowed the dentist/ nurse during procedures. After this experience I knew this is what I wanted to do after I finished college. I thought finding an apprenticeship and starting as a dental nurse would be a good opportunity to ease me into dentistry and give me an insight of what it would be like to work in a practice. I have previously worked in an independent mixed private/ NHS practice to now working in a much bigger corporate practice with a year of experience now.

Choosing the Level 3 course at college benefited me in many ways as it was one of the things my employer looked at. It helped me get my job as my employer saw I had knowledge in science. They saw my grades which I got triple distinction thanks to the help of my tutors who went above and beyond to help me I couldn’t thank them enough.

My tutors were very helpful and were always there if I didn’t understand something. This course was also important to me as it was one of the entry requirements for university, I would love to study dental hygiene and therapy in the future after gaining more experience. My plans for the future are to finish my nursing course and be a qualified dental nurse and move onto doing a higher level course such as Level 4 radiology or sedation to gain more qualifications. 

Darlington College has really helped me to start off my academic and professional journey. I would highly recommend potential students to consider this college as it has everything you need to start your career whether you want to get straight into work or go to university to study.”

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