Kacper Hnat – Level 3 Extended Diploma ICT

Name: Kacper Hnat

Grade: D* D D

Previous School (education)?

College in Poland / Darlington College Level 2

What do you enjoy about your course?

Technical Work with tutors – Servers, computers, etc.

What attracted you to Darlington College?

Teachers with their amount of certificates.

Family members which attended the course.

What are you career aspirations?

Future in IT Technical, like CISCO.

What is the next step in your education or work?

Teesside University

How will this course prepare you for your next step?

The course helped me with my knowledge, language and writing skills.

What would be your advice to prospective new students?

We have little quote on our room – In this room we don’t do easy. We make easy happen through hard work and learning. I strongly recommend to keep the hard work. It will be repaid in future.

Write a pen picture / profile of yourself?

I came from to the UK from Poland in 2016. Firstly, I started IT Level 2 at Darlington College and after a year I got to IT Level 3 Cyber Security. Throughout my career at Darlington College, I have gained overall knowledge about computing, networks but also gained confidence in speaking and being patient.

My friends and teachers at main course have helped me a lot, especially understand how computers, network work. After a wonderful time at Darlington College, it is time for bigger challenge – university!

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