Lona Muchene – Level 3 Cambridge Tech Foundation Diploma in IT – Application Development (Software)

Why did you pick the IT course:

I picked the course because I went to university for an engineering course I didn’t enjoy and I tried to break into the industry but had no luck. Then the pandemic happened and the industry (Aircraft engineering) was grounded. I decided I needed to get into a career that would be around for a while and IT was one of the options I had listed. I picked IT specifically because I enjoy working with technology and the roles in IT are endless.
What attracted you to Darlington College:
I was attracted to Darlington College because it was relatively close by and was rated highly on student success rates.
What are your career aspirations?:
My career aspirations are to eventually end up working in Cyber Security as a security consultant or alternatively working in Digital Forensics as an investigator. I am open to other opportunities that may come my way, so I could end up in a completely different field than I imagined.
What is the next step for you?:
I have now secured a role in 1st Line support with the company Homegroup. I’ll be working towards gaining more experience and skills. This will allow me to better understand what I enjoy and interested in pursuing.
How will this course prepare you for working life?:
The course has been very useful for preparing me for working life. I have gained a better understanding of the fundamentals of IT, how computer components work together, how the industry is evolving and various jobs available. I have also gained soft skills such as communication, teamwork, time management etc. which are also very important for work.
What did you really like?:
I liked how well the course was structured making it easy to follow and keep up with. I liked that if I needed assistance, help was always at hand from the tutors and the college. I also liked that the knowledge gained gave me the confidence to secure a job in the IT industry.
What is the name of your new employer?

I am currently employed by Homegroup. They are a non-profit housing association based in Newcastle but deal with customers all over the UK.

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