ESOL Pre-Entry English for Speakers of Other Languages

Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements for ESOL, all learners will complete initial assessment to ensure that the approprate level of study is agreed on.

What's Involved

What’s Involved

This course is aimed at students who have no or very limited knowledge of English.

At your interview, you will complete an initial assessment to check your language ability.

The course will focus on the following subjects:


This will include learning the alphabet, phonics, vocabulary building and reading basic text for example forms, notices, leaflets and timetables.


You will develop handwriting skills and write simple sentences focusing on spelling, basic grammar and punctuation.

Speaking and Listening

Various activities and role-play will help develop confidence in speaking and listening in everyday situations e.g. when shopping, at the doctors or at college.

Regular attendance is important in order to prepare you for the next level which is entry 1 ESOL.

This course will start Monday 13 September.

Course Assessment Method

There is no exam. The course will be assessed through class work, portfolio exercises, class tests and observation of speaking and listening by your tutor.

What's Next

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What if I Need Support

We can arrange for any learning needs to be assessed and offer support as required.

What does it Cost?

This course may be free of charge subject to requirements.

Course Information
Qualification Type: Non regulated Adult skills formula funded provision, Entry Level, ESOL, 93 to 100 hrs
Level: Level 0
Awarding Body: Darlington College
Academic Year: 21/22
Start Date: September 2021

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