Level 3 Engineering Technician - Machinist

Course Assessment Method

The course involves attendance at College for one day a week, completing both exam based and assignment based assessment.

All apprentices will be required to achieve as a minimum:

- Level 2 Foundation Competence qualification

- Level 2 Development Technical Knowledge qualification

- Level 3 Development Competence qualification

- Level 3 Development Technical Knowledge qualification

Mandatory qualification which must be complete before EPA Gateway:

Must have passed foundation gateway phase (completion of Level 2

qualifications above and progress towards L3 Y1 units)

Completion of Level 3 mandatory qualifications outlined above.

L2 Function Skill in English and / or L2 Maths if not already complete (a grade 4 or grade C in English and / or Maths is sufficient)

An employer-led portfolio of evidence to demonstrate workplace development and competence

Minimum evidence of 20% off the job training to be presented by student (and supported by employer)

The EPA consists of 2 assessment methods:

Practical observation – to assess the apprentice’s application of skills within the apprentice’s place of work or in a suitable environment away from the workplace (e.g. In a centre approved by the EPAO)

Professional discussion – to holistically assess KSBs across the standard and will be informed by portfolio of evidence.

What's Involved

Machinists in the Advanced Manufacturing Engineering sector are predominantly involved in highly skilled, complex and precision work, machining components from specialist materials using conventional and/or CNC machine tools such as centre lathes, vertical and horizontal milling machines, horizontal and cylindrical grinding machines, electro discharge machines, single and multi- axis CNC machine tools centres. They will be expected to be able set up, operate and adjust/edit equipment settings as applicable to the machine tool being used. When using CNC equipment they will be expected to be able to produce, prove and/or edit programmes. During and on completion of the machining operations they will be expected to measure and check the components being produced and make adjustments to the equipment/programme to ensure components meet the required specification.

Suitable roles for this apprenticeship include Machinist, Advanced Manufacturing Engineer and CNC Machinist.

Learners will spend the first year of their programme learning workshop skills at level 2, to then develop onto knowledge based activities at level 3 in future years. During this time they will also build workplace competency evidence via their employer-lead portfolio.

The Engineering Technician Apprenticeship is delivered through the following approach:

Foundation Phase

- A Development Phase

- An End Point Assessment

After a period of foundation skills and technical knowledge development, of around 1.5 years, all apprentices will be required to achieve the following qualifications:

- Level 2 Diploma in Advanced Manufacturing Engineering (Foundation Competence

- Level 2 Diploma in Machining (Foundation Knowledge)

After a further period of skills and technical knowledge development, again around 1.5-2 years, all apprentices will be required to achieve the following qualifications:

- Level 3 Diploma in Advanced Manufacturing Engineering (Development Competence) - Machining

- Level 3 Diploma in Machining (Development Knowledge)

All learners must engage in a minimum of 20% of their working contract Off The Job (OTJ) which allows for dedicated time put aside to complete academic work. This equates to one day a week on site at College (or working on set College work only when not in term time). These days are set to be Tuesdays in year 1, Wednesdays in year 2 and Thursdays in year 3.

Entry Requirements

4 GCSE grade 4 or higher (inc. English and Maths) or vocational equivalents.

A suitable qualification in ICT is desirable but not essential .We request a school or college report and / or an employer reference.

What if I Need Support

Here at the college we have outstanding support. Our support staff are dedicated to providing you with all the help and guidance you may need throughout your college journey.

You might need help and advice on a wide range of issues such as childcare, counselling and additional learning support. For more information on any aspect of student support contact the Course and Information Team, who will direct your call to the appropriate member of the college support team, call: 01325 503030.

Course Information
Qualification Type: Generic code to identify ILR programme aims
Level: Level 3
Academic Year: 21/22
Start Date: August 2021

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