Work Experience and Industry Placements

The rewards and benefits of work experience are genuine. Besides the skills you bring to an organisation, you
will find that you will learn more skills through your work with other people and benefit from their experience.
The organisation or group might also be able to help you to improve and develop your talents, too.

You will have the chance to understand how organisations work; at the same time you will be developing your
own confidence and ability to work with others. Your work experience could also make you think about a fresh career path for your future.

Darlington College are part of the Government pilot for Industrial Placements. Students on certain Level 3 courses will undertake a 45 day placement as part of their qualification. All information regarding this will be available at interview.

If you are an employer interested in taking on a student on work experience/ industrial placement, please contact;

Ross Lowcock, Email:
Phone: 01325503250

Michelle Wheeler, Email:
Phone: 01325503278


Vanessa was the perfect placement! I received feedback from all managers and staff from each department that I placed her in and they all agree that she was a real pleasure to have working here for the week.

She’d mentioned on her first day that she was particularly interested in an Operations Manager role so I booked some time in with our Director of Operations to discuss her career path with Vanessa so she had a better understanding on how to achieve this role which I think she enjoyed. 

Vanessa showed clear understanding of all aspects of the operation especially the importance of ensuring guest satisfaction and went as far as to interact with guests which is rare with placements.

Rachael Kenworthy, HR Officer –
Crown Plaza Hotel, Newcastle

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