Experts at Darlington College to stage live webinars to help teachers across the country

A LEADING college at the forefront of technology is about to help teachers around the country develop their skills in online learning as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

Experts at Darlington College will stage four live webinars reflecting on what works best for teachers and students as they learn online.

They will reflect on the success of various platforms, including the Google for Education Suite and Microsoft Teams, which teachers had to turn to at the height of the COVID lockdown after primary and secondary schools and colleges had to close for months.

With the pandemic far from over and the possibility of further disruption over the autumn and winter, a second wave of interest from schools seeking help is being addressed by Darlington College, a Government designated ‘Ed Tech Demonstrator’ and Google Reference College.

Darlington College was one of the first in the  country to embrace the benefits of the latest technology in taking learning online.

The four webinars will cover:

  • September 9, maths and English lecturers will discuss the use of technology before, during and after lockdown and the impact of COVID-19 on practises to ensure that students are supported in their learning through innovation;
  • September 16, the view from the top, the senior leadership team will address the adaptations made to help learners return to college. They will also discuss the long-term effects of COVID-19, how the college rose to the challenge of teaching remotely and what it means for the future of the college;
  • September 23, going paperless, using technology such as the Google for Education Suite and Microsoft Teams, to facilitate workflow between staff and students online, thereby reducing print costs to virtually zero;
  • September 30, a Google Suite and Teams smackdown – the ultimate game of Top Trumps, a pros and cons look at technology, matching the best platforms with primary, secondary schools and FE colleges.

All the sessions, which are being promoted nationally, will be recorded so they can be watched and shared in the future with schools and colleges all over the country.

Darlington College’s project manager for Ed Tech Demonstrator Project Wayne Hall said: “We can tell by the chat on a host of forums just how many teaching professionals are talking about delivering lessons online.

“Where it used to be tens and hundreds, it is now thousands, which shows the extent the teaching profession is reaching out over technology to seek and offer support. Ed Tech is proving to be the bedrock for disseminating good practise and support in England and I’m delighted that Darlington College continues to be in the vanguard.”

Anyone joining the webinars will also receive an official continuous professional development certificate.

For more information on the webinars contact Wayne at For more details on opportunities at Darlington College visit or for EdTech Demonstrator

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