A home ground coffee company is on the right tracks after serving up a treat for students.

The independent artisan company, owned by restaurateur and coffee lover Andrew Henley, will supply its specialty Café Roma blend to ‘The Coffee Shop’ in the college’s central park café, which serves over 400 cups of coffee each day.

Head of estates and site services at Darlington College James Butterfield said: “We had been thinking for a while about moving away from our previous multinational corporate supplier to support and promote a more local independent company.

“We had also been listening to our customers’ comments on the use of recyclable drinks materials.

“So we took a step back and decided to change our main supplier and Railtown Coffee ticked all the boxes. We already had a relationship with Andrew, who supplies the coffee for our onsite Glasshouse Restaurant, and as an avid coffee lover we knew that he would offer our customer a top quality product served up in fully recyclable compostable cups.”

Founded in Darlington in 2013, Railtown Coffee is the preferred supplier to a host of Michelin star restaurants, award winning organic cafes, internationally renowned London salons, farm shops, bistros and neighbourhood cafés across the UK.

The 46-year-old coffee purveyor, a former Barnard Castle School student, said: “It’s great that Darlington College has looked to a local supplier to help improve the quality of its customer experience.

“It is very on trend at the moment to move away from major organisations and look to support the local economy.

“It is also a fantastic opportunity to introduce the next generation to great coffee, something that I’m very passionate about.”

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