Facilities & Services

The Childcare Centre provides outstanding care and fun learning opportunities for children aged 6 weeks to 7 years old in a safe, secure and modern environment. Full details regarding the Centre can be viewed in our latest brochure.

Yellow and Green Rooms The team in the 0-2 year old rooms plan to meet all the children’s individual care routines and plan around all of the children’s individual interests, ensuring that their developmental needs and interests are encouraged and supported. All children have a key person who will support transition from home to nursery ensuring continuity and positive relationships for the children and their families.

Blue Room The emphasis of the 2-3 year old room is to create a relaxed inclusive and stimulating environment both indoors and outdoors where children can have fun and learn. Each child and their families are treated as individuals ensuring that they are respected and valued. Children have the freedom to develop their interests, make choices and explore from a variety of interesting activities.

Red Room Within the 3-5 year old room each child is treated as an individual and their views, opinions and ideas are listened to, respected and valued. An excellent range of effective learning experiences and play opportunities are provided and are based on children’s individual interests. Practitioners effectively support the children’s interests and ideas to ensure they make exceptional progress.

We also offer –

  • An exceptional outdoor area for all children to access each day enjoying a wide range of opportunities to learn whist having fun
  • A soft play room for children to develop their physical and coordination skills
  • A sensory room which promotes development of all.

Quotes from our current Ofsted report 2015 –

“Parents are very happy with the care their children receive and some comment that the nursery go ‘above and beyond’ to support them.”

“A very strong key-person system that includes daily planned time for staff to spend with individual children supports children to feel secure.”

“Children’s welfare and happiness is at the centre of everything in this nursery. Therefore, children’s emotional well-being is supported exceptionally well.”

“Children throughout the nursery take part in fun and exciting activities that capture their interest and extend their learning.”

“The nursery environment is welcoming, dynamic, and fully supports the needs of all children across all areas of learning.” – Childcare-Centre-Ofsted-Inspection-July-2015