DC Place Pledge

It’s going to be YOUR year to achieve great things and Darlington College are here to get you started on the future you want to live. 

We’re making a pledge to ensure that all our applicants are offered a place with us, to be given support throughout your enrolment journey and to not be disadvantaged from circumstances beyond your control.

Be part of Darlington College. Don’t Just Learn It – Live It!


Can I still apply?

It is not too late to apply to college for September 2020. If you are clear as to the type of course you are looking to study with us then please go to www.darlington.ac.uk and make your application on the relevant course page.  If you are a bit undecided as to the path you are looking to take, then you are free to contact our guidance team for advice and help with your options  email guidanceservices@darlington.ac.uk . If you are in year 11 and a school leaver we would also think that your own schools careers advisor would be happy to speak to you about your aspirations. Whatever the case, you don’t have to make decisions on your own.


I haven’t attended On Course to College, will this affect my place?

Due to the extraordinary circumstances we find ourselves in, you would not be penalised for not attending an on course to college event.  You will still be kept up to date with the same correspondence as those students who have attended.  Please make sure that if you change your email address, postal address or phone number you let the college know so we can amend you application form and keep you up to date with any information you will need to enrol with us after results day. Email admissionsandenquiries@darlington.ac.uk


Will not sitting my GCSE affect my applications?

While it is disappointing that you won’t be able to sit your GCSE exams, everyone in the country is in the same position and therefore other measures are being put in place to assess which level of study programme you should go on to. Darlington College Place Pledge means that any year 11 student that has applied to us will be supported to be able to study at the college. If you have not made an application, please do so as soon as possible so we can keep you up to date with information about enrolment.


Do I need an interview?

If you are applying to be an apprentice, interviews are still taking place via google hangout or zoom by tutors and employers taking on the apprentice. In some areas of curriculum a tutor may also call to discuss the course over the phone so please make sure you supply an up to date phone number on your application.  Other tutors may invite you to join a Facebook group to keep in contact.  We have also sent pre work for some areas to school careers advisors to give you a flavour of what you can expect on your course when you get to college.


Can I visit the college?

At present under government guidelines we are unable to open the college for visitors.  We are however posting lots of information on our website and social media about our facilities, courses and college life so please follow us on Facebook, Instagram or twitter for up to date news and virtual events.


Any planned open events?

As above we are unable to plan any future open events at college until we are sure it is safe to do so. We continually seek guidance from the government and as soon as we can open to the public  we will advise all applicants and schools as to when we will host sessions for students to attend.


When can I enrol?

You’ll be sent your Enrolment Link via the email used to make your application late on into Wednesday 19 August in readiness for receiving your GCSE results on Thursday 20 August – you will not be able to enrol without receiving your results. 

If you haven’t received the grades required for your course then you can contact our guidance services in the first instance for advice and support. You can find their details here

Still have a question?

Complete the below form if you have any questions not answered by the above FAQs OR why not try our new online chat service available right here Mon-Fri, 9.30AM – 4.30PM.

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