TV and Film Students Secure Film Project With Real Bite!

TV and film students have secured a project with real bite – helping an author promote his new dinosaur roadshow.

Budding filmmakers from Darlington College provided a crew to shoot a promotional video for author Patrick Townsend as he launches a new venture – the Wild West Dino Dig UK.

Mr Townsend is known for his book To Ride with the 7th, an historical account of a Darlington soldier’s fate at the battle of Little Bighorn.

His latest venture is to share is love of palaeontology and the Wild West with schools and community groups through educational workshops and talks.

“The students did such a great job helping me the last time that I thought I would approach them again for a promotional video,” said Mr Townsend, of Darlington.

The crew comprised Katie Arkwright, 17, of Darlington, Lara Morris, 17, of Shildon, Rhys Rhoden, 18, of Darlington, Jess, 19, of Northallerton and Riley Bowron, 17, of Darlington.

They videoed Mr Townsend in the college’s studio with other students on the course and on location at Polam Hall School as he delivered a workshop to pupils.

Creative media lecturer Steve Wade said: “Producing the showreel helps Patrick and the students as it is great work experience that will also enhance their portfolios.”

Mr Townsend added: “I have such a passion for the Wild West, history and palaeontology that I was looking for a way to combine them all. The workshops take people on a journey through the Mesozoic era, how this led to the mythology of the ancient Greeks, such as Cyclops, and the dragons of China, and ended up being fought out in the Wild West by eminent professors Othniel Charles Marsh and Edward Drinker Cope.

“Their feuds were relentless. They discovered so many species but also did a lot of damage as they would send guys out to dig up the bones but this would also result in stealing, robbery and even blowing up sites with dynamite to stop others finding them.”

As well as hearing about the ‘great extinctions’, Polam Hall pupils were also able to enjoy a host of artefacts ranging from Jurassic skulls and teeth to coprolite – dinosaur poo.

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