We're looking forward to you joining Teesside University.

What to expect when you join us in September

Welcome to your Teesside University course at Darlington College.

You're probably wondering what your University experience will be like this September, within the context of social distancing and safe practices. We would like to share with you what we are doing to help keep everyone safe. And we’ll have more details in the next few weeks.


Learning experience

From September we will operate a hybrid model for teaching, so you can expect to spend some time learning online and some time on campus, in smaller group classes.

There will be some variation in your on-site learning hours depending on your course.

  • Practical modules will continue to be delivered on campus.
  • Theoretical modules will be delivered through our hybrid model.
  • We will share course-specific details over the summer so you can see how our hybrid model affects your course.
  • You will be able to complete most online learning flexibly. So even if you're unable to join us on campus at the start of the academic year, you will still have the option to start your learning before you can do so.

We are constantly reviewing this model and will revert to more on-campus activities as soon as guidance allows. The key thing is that the model is flexible, so we can also offer more virtual teaching if needed to make sure your learning isn't disrupted.

Life on campus

Your experience on campus will be safe and well managed. There will be one-way routes and signage to help you maintain social distancing.

We hope to give you access to as many student facilities as possible while following social distancing guidelines. We’re setting safe building capacities and we'll monitor the number of people in each building, as well as open access areas.

Please take a look at our campus video - it provides a walkthrough guide to our social distancing measures.

We look forward to welcoming you in September.

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